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WPF-like library for simple graphic-UI application using Netduino (Plus) 2 and the FTDI FT800 Eve board.


At a glance...

Ever wanted to add a TFT/touch display to your Netduino application?
Now it's very easy: take your Netduino Plus 2 (or Netduino 2) and wire a FTDI FT800 Eve board, then begin your journey to this new immersive adventure!
This library allows to create a graphic user-interface in minutes, with a minimal impact to your main project. Don't shoot at your feet by programming at low-level, rather think at higher!
The programming approach is declarative: if you know the "original" WPF (or Silverlight, or Windows Phone), you'll be two steps ahead. However, the few resources available in a Netduino imposed several compromises, but WPF still are the "muse" able to inspire this project.


Check the tutorial here.
Introductory (legacy) article here

How to wire the FTDI Eve to the Netduino

All the resistors are 2.2k Ohms.
Please, refer to the FTDI VM800B datasheet here


Implementation status

Component Status Remarks Resources
Window OK video
Page OK video
CalibrationWindow OK Should persist on NVRAM
StackPanel OK
Grid Partial Missing "Auto"; DesiredSize yields incorrect value
TextBlock OK
PushButton OK video
ToggleButton Partial Control size behaves weird video
Slider OK video
DialKnob OK video
ProgressBar to-do
Spinner to-do
WallClock to-do
Image to-do
TextBox to-do


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