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A Windows Embedded Compact (2013/7) Serial Port Terminal Program


An update is available for testing. See Downloads


Ultimately we intend publishing a variety of versions of this app that are functionally equivalent. They will be different in the programming languages etc used. Whilst not published in this version, full source code will be made available.

Version 1.0

  • A standalone VB Managed Code app built to run in WEC 7 and WEC 2013. (separate binaries/subprojects)
  • Note that the built WEC 2013 won't run in WEC 7 but viz. is true.
  • For Compact 2013 and 7 is packaged as a subproject package that can be built with OS and includes Compact13Minshell menu registry settings.
    • Can get the .exe from the Resources folder of the Subproject if that's all you want.

Later Version (A)

  • As for Version 1.0 but more "bells and whistles".
  • More like HyperTerminal etc.

Later Version (B)

  • As for Version A but C#

Later Version (C)

  • A native code Winforms version, with native code DLL

Later Version (D)

  • XAML version

OK. You should now see that apart from the app's functionality, this sequence of apps is meant to exemplify Compact 2013/7 application development.

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