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A .NET 2.0 application that can create PKCS#10 Certificate Requests, either by generating a new key or reusing a preexisting one (taken from the "MY" certificate store).

Version 1.1 adds support for making generated keys exportable and backup them as PFX files (along with a self-signed certificate).

Minimum requirement : Windows Vista and above. .NET 2.0.

If You have difficulties importing the certificate created by your CA into the system certificate store, you can use the following tool to help you with this :

Exporting private key and certificate as a PFX : After generating you CSR and once you receive your certificate from the CA, use the tool ImportIDRIXCert from the link above to associate your certificate with the private key and then use my other tool StoreExplorerPlus to export them in a PFX file. This tool is capable of exporting private keys even if they are not marked as exportable. This very useful is you forgot to check the exportable check box!

For more samples and tools by me:


The main Window :
CertRequestor Main Window


The PFX export dialog :
CertRequestor PFX export dialog

StoreExplorerPlus Dialog :

StoreExplorerPlus PFX export

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