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Project Description
A certificate helper module for powershell. Augments the certificate provider that ships with powershell.

Currently Implements
Copy-Certificate to import PFX/Cer files (with and without passwords)
Copy-Certificate to export PFX/Cer files (with and without passwords)

Stability Level
There are some tests, but I still plan on changing the paramater names, and possibly the functionality. If you use this send me an email and I'll be happy to incorporate any request you might have.

Sample Usage: Create a certificate, export it to a pfx file, re-import it to another certificate store,
PS C:\> import-Module CertificateHelper
PS C:\> New-Certificate cert:\LocalMachine\My DogFood

    Directory: Microsoft.PowerShell.Security\Certificate::LocalMachine\My

Thumbprint                                Subject
----------                                -------
E123CFAFA07DA69618CE37C652804FB358A696CB  CN=DogFood

PS C:\> Copy-Certificate cert:\LocalMachine\my\E123CFAFA07DA69618CE37C652804FB358A696CB donkey.pfx -password foobar
PS C:\> dir donkey.pfx

    Directory: Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::C:\

Mode           LastWriteTime       Length Name
----           -------------       ------ ----
-a---     2/10/2010 12:49 AM         1663 donkey.pfx

PS C:\> # Import with correct password to another store
PS C:\> Copy-Certificate donkey.pfx cert:\CurrentUser\My -password foobar
PS C:\>

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