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Cerebrum is embedded Object-oriented graph database & knowledge base management system (OO graph DBMS). It is intended to be used in Natural Language Processing engines such as search engines, text mining engines or neural network simulators. It helps in implementation of sophisticated network data models used in NLP, neural computing and other AI related products. Nodes in the Cerebrum are instances of Microsoft .NET Managed Objects. It is possible to create single direction links between the nodes.

Cerebrum has broader market relevance. It can be used in AI related products such as neural network simulators or can be used in any .NET application which needed to store sophisticated object data models. For example it can be CAD/CAM applications.

Cerebrum has the following features:

It saves the current state of the graph of objects or the neural network in the OONKB between user sessions, including the current topology of objects so that it does not require the creation of objects again at the next run.

It restricts the amount of memory used by the graph of objects or the neural network with larger quantities of class instances. The most frequently used objects are left in the RAM, the others are moved to the physical storage area and are loaded into the RAM upon demand. It unloads the rarely used objects when other objects are loaded to the RAM. The memory amount restriction allows not using the paging file so that it significantly increases the modeling performance of networks with larger quantities of class instances.

The primary goal of this research is to create a virtual machine supporting free topology object-oriented network with up 2 billons of object instances within one physical storage area. This possibility is provided with implementation of the network object-oriented knowledge database. So that only a few class instances are in the RAM and the most objects are frozen in the file system.

I am currently looking for your help and participation. Please suggest features and report bugs by creating issues in the Issue Tracker. You can ask any question in the forum or email to [email protected] .

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