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Project Description
CEQuery is a stand alone light weight application for managing SQL Server CE databases. It is developed in C# and supports SQL Server CE 3.5 and 4.0.

CEQuery was written in C# with the help of Visual Studio 2008 platform. This version has been upgraded to VS2010. SQL CE version 4 has been suppoprted in this release. Some of the features of this tool are described below:

  • User is able to create CE database. If the schema is provided, the tool is able to create the tables and columns.
  • User is able to overview an existing CE database with its table and column structure in tree format.
  • User can design a query by dragging and dropping tables and columns from the database tree. The query pane in the tool is able to hold multiple queries provided that only one of those queries is active [As SQL Server CE engine does not support multiple queries in a single statement]. The tool is able to handle multiple query panes in the form of tabs. The query designer of the tool is able to highlight the keywords. The tool is able to handle the execution of user's selected query.
  • User can manipulate [Insert/Update/Delete] records in a selected table.
  • User is able to generate scripts from a single table or multiple selected tables. [Both for SQL CE or SQL Server]
  • User is able to open multiple SQL Server CE files simultaneously.
  • User is able to convert a SQL Server database to a SDF file with schema and data.
  • User is able to change password of a SQL CE DB. The tool is capable of handling the database with no password.
  • User is able to Design CE Tables with Visual Interface.
  • User is able to Design Query with Visual Interface.
  • User is able to execute DB realated operations like Validate, Repair, Compact etc.
  • User is able to Export Query Result in Excel.
  • For CE 4.0, User can upgrade their old database.

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