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Colouring Essentials Project Manager is a management application that allows you to plan and manage small to large projects.

Project Manager version 0.0.png

This is in very early stages and there is much else to do. Currently, you will only be able to create files that allow you to make notes and checklists. But we will probably use this very application to plan further what we wish to include in our project.

The next major task would be to make the next file type which in basic terms is a Schedule. You will be able to reference other documents to the schedule accordingly and write additional notes.

This will be added along with some cleanup.

Thank you for your interest in our project.

We are currently not accepting requests for suggestions as of yet, not until the team is larger and I can cope with the influx and volumes of feedback. At the moment, please visit our Facebook page to get up to date of the features and news of this product and other things we have for you.

Although this application can run through Wine on a Mac or Linux operating system, I cannot guarantee it will be fully functional. Should problems arise, you should consult the Wine forums to seek troubleshooting .NET Framework 4.5 applications on non-Windows operating systems.

Use Wine for .NET Framework applications at your own risk, and any damage done to your system is solely your responsibility.

This application is written in C#.

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