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Utility to download NK.BIN files to EBOOT without using PLatform Builder'

Setting up a specific OS version for a Windows Embedded Compact target usually requires dedicated manipulations on the storage media or special wiring and boot operations. One solution is to install EBOOT on the target and to dowload the NK.BIN at boot time with Platform Builder, but this is such a big tool for such a small task...

This project proposes a simple implementation of BOOTME and TFTP protocols to achieve the communication with EBOOT in order to download on-demand OS at boot-time.

CELOADER is a command line tool, the NK.BIN file must be placed in the same folder as celoader.exe.

Launched with no argument CELOADER with download NK.BIN to the first target issuing a BOOTME packet.

You may provide the specific name of your BIN file as the first argument, and a string (TARGET-ID) as the second argument. If a second argument is provided, CELOADER will filter the BOOTME packet to check if it originates from the designated target.

After the TFTP download, CELOADER will wait for a CERDISP packet in order to display the IP address of the target. This requires CERDISP to be included in the OSDesign and launched automatically. See for automatic launching.


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