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Project Description
A console app for transferring files using TCPIP between Windows Embedded Compact devices, and between them and the desktop. Compact 2013 and Desktop versions.


The app can run in client or server mode. In server mode the app receives a file sent from a client. The server (receiver) must be started first. The same app is run in client mode (sender) on another device with a specification of the file to transfer (including its full path on the client) and the ipaddress of the server. Both ends of the pipe specify the same TCPIP port. The server doesn't need the client's ipaddress; the client needs to the server's ipaddress though. The transmission,data contains the filename, without any path information, as well as the file data. The source file is read by the client and sent to the server which places it in a specific folder. (Same folder on server for all transfers,)

Not Implemented:

  • No acknowledgement by the server to the client. Only feedback is if the server is not ready, the client will fail to connect.
  • No blocks-checksum-acks like TFTP (maybe later)
  • Only one file per transfer (maybe later multi-files)
  • Implement as DLL (both ends)
  • Implement as WinForm
  • Make into a Compact13Tools/CECompactTools project.

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