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Project Description
CEDriverWizTemplates generates Windows Embedded Compact 7 stream interface device drivers and test apps as Visual Studio PB project templates.

New version (Beta 3) now available that contains all of the test apps.

Please provide feedback. Let us know that it works for you and make suggestions. Thx

In Brief

This is similar to CEDriverWiz except it that integrates more tightly with Visual Studio.
Stream Driver projects appear as "Add New Project" templates under Platform Builder subheading
Now has Stream Driver and all of the test app templates. (As per CEDriverWiz)
See the YouTubeVideos:

Also available:

The original Codeplex Stream Driver Wizard.
A revamp of Mike Hall's CEFileWiz with some new beaut features.


  • This integrates into Visual Studio 2008 as Windows Embedded Compact 7 Subproject Templates
  • Besides the stream driver project, it can generate a number of test application subprojects for the stream driver that:
    • Dynamically load and unload the driver in User modes
    • Open the driver’s stream and perform IO with it.
    • Generate and test the driver’s IOCTLs
  • Go to Downloads page to get it.


  • CEDriverWizTemplates won't initially have the full functionality of CEDriverWiz.
  • It is intended that a later version will be available for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (vNext)

How to use it

  • You initially Add-New-Project to an existing WEC7 project solution.
  • The templates appear under Platform Builder in the Add-New-Project dialog
  • You then remove the project from the Solution
  • And then add it as an Existing Subproject
  • Finally build and test it.

About CEDriverWizTemplates

The CEDriverWizardTemplates, CEDriverWiz and CEComponentWiz were created by David Jones,, a long time University computer system Lecturer and Embedded Systems developer, in Australia. As part of David’s community effort and spirit, he decided to make this useful tool available to the developer community, for free.

As part of David’s involvement in the Embedded101 community, David has been working with Samuel Phung (Southern California) and Thierry Joubert (Paris), David got Samuel and Thierry involved to test and document the previous CEDriverWizard for the community.

The CodePlex Downloads page also has documents about the wizard and how to use it.

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