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A C# library for accessing the Windows Embedded Compact/CE OS Debug Macros such as RETAILMSG.Useful for Managed Code OS Subprojects as generated by WECSharpWiz

This is a renaming and update to the Codeplex project:
Managed Code Tools for Windows Embedded Compact 7.


Managed Code (Compact Framework) application projects can be directly integrated into a Windows Embedded Compact OS Project. They can be built as a subproject of the OS, included as part of the OS and run via KITL. There are a few rough edges and limitations though:
  1. The managed code app. can't be debugged
  2. Project resource files are not automatically added to the build.
  3. No Intellisense in the source code
  4. Visual Designer can't be used with Forms.

This project addresses the first issue by implementing some of the OS Debug Macros that are typically used with Native Code. The macros are implemented as functions in a native DLL (you can't PInvoke macros) which are then PInvoked via a C# library. A Managed Code app (C# or VB) can then call the functions in the API as required. Their outputs do appear in the Platform Builder Output-Debug window in Visual Studio.

Project Components

  • Native DLL that calls the Debug Macros as functions.
  • Managed Coed (C#) DLL that PInvokes the native code functions.
  • Console Test App (C#) as OS Subproject Managed Code sources project (ie has source code).
  • WinForm Test App (C#) as OS Subproject Managed Code sources project (ie has source code).

To use the macros, both the native code DLL and the Managed Code DLLs need to be included in an OS Project. The Test Apps show you how.


Managed Code KITL Debug Components

Creating Managed Code OS Subprojects

Compact 2013

In the embedded101 blog there is an article on How-To include Managed Code apps in the WEC 2013 OS build as OS subprojects. See (TBA)

Compact 7


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