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Project Description

A project for adding files to a Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6 OS image.


This project is deprecated
Use CEComponentWiz now


  • For Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6
  • Requires Visual Studio 2005 and CE 6 Platform Builder Installed

!Limitations (ToDo)
  • Nothing major thus far


Mike Hall, some time ago published a tool for Windows CE called CEFileWiz.
It is still available at:
This version of the tool is a reimplementation but with a few different features.
CEContentWiz uses the same engine as CEDriverWiz


  • Creates a Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6 Subproject located under the current OS project
  • You configure it to run under the Tools menu in VS as with CEDriverWiz
  • Selected content (files) are copied to a folder (Resource Files) under the Subproject directory.
  • Shortcuts are generated so as to be placed in a specific folder in the OS ** \Windows
    • Startup
      • Programs
    • \Program Files
      • <The Subproject Name>
    • The .lnk shortcut files so generated are placed in the Resources folder as well.

Extra Features

  • This was added whilst finishing the wizard off:
    • You can also use the wizard to create shortcut files for other Subprojects and place them in OS folders as above
      • You just disable its BIB entry and Postlink copying (as this is all handled by the other SubProject)
  • Can save the workspace and reload it for modifivcation in the wizard.
  • Can select registry files and merge them into the project registry file generated by the wizard.

How it works

  • You configure the application to be launched from the Tools menu.
  • You run it when a CE OS project is loaded in VS, that way it knows where to put the subproject folders and files.
  • You name the subproject
  • You then select files: Separate Dialogs for Modules, Images, Documents, Other, Reg files
    • Note that filenames with spaces will ultimately get rejected (Paths with spaces are OK)
  • You then configure each file
    • You set its flags
      • Rules within the app restrict flags depending upon whether the file is Module or Content
    • You set its shortcut location (if there is to be one) from one of five as above
    • Registry files get merged into Project.reg. They can't be "BIBed and can't be shortcuts.
    • No flag settings for non BIBed files
  • You then generate the project
    • Typical subproject files are created including:
    • Bib file that includes the files and the shortcut files
    • Dat file that generates the 4 folders for shortcuts and "places" them in those folders as specified
    • The merged or blank reg file
  • You can copy the catalog file to 3rdParty from a Wizard menu command
  • You then exit the app and add the subproject to the OS project
    • Or refresh the Catalog and select it under ThirdParty/Vendor (whatever vendor name you entered .. CEContentWiz is default)
  • Building the subproject simply copies the files (including shortcut files) to the FlatRelease directory. The paraeter files get merged into the image config.
    • Actually it just copies everything from the Resources directory.
  • Alternatively if you selected it via the Catalog, just do a BuildRel and then a MakeImage.

Not included but could be:

  • A batch file to recopy the resource files to the project .. Not now needed, just reload the workspace
  • A CE batch file to do the work of the Dat file so that the subproject doesn't need to be in the image, whilst under developement.
  • Although it is easy to create shortcuts and place them in one of 5 OS folders, it would be good to generalise this whilst keeping the simplicity.

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