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Welcome to CellarDoor User Interface

The CDUI is a User Interface Library for XNA Games and applications. Although there are some UI implementations for XNA out there, most of them are not flexible enough or not maintained any more. This implementation was designed around my own workflow and experience with other UI Libraries. It turned out to be a simple and flexible solution for small games. Feel free to use, extend and share this library as you wish.


  • Dock, Align, autosize support
  • Custom Skins
  • Custom Layoutmanagement
  • Customizeable Element representation
  • Resolution aware skinning
  • Event bubbling
  • Texture/Sprite packing done in ContentPipeline
  • Animation support
  • OpenSource & free for all kind of projects


This is a work in progress and the project currently is being refactored. The API may change frequently, so i recommend not to use this library for productive development yet. As soon as the refactoring work is done i will release the initial version

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