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CdoSys Mime Parser

This sample uses CdoSys.DLL (a system's component used for creating and sending email) to load an email MIME message from a file and to break it down into pieces. If CDOSYS cannot load the file then it is likely not properly Email MIME encoded. You can also save off encoded pieces (such as attachments) to file as non-encoded content. Note that there are many types of MIME and this tool is geared to work just with standard RTF compliant email MIME.

This tool is useful for verifying MIME is properly encoded, decoding content of the MIME and exporting body parts as unencoded files.

The project is set to compile 32bit and the version of .Net referenced is a 32bit one from Windows 8. If you wish to recompile the application as 64 bit then change the build settings, then delete the adodb.dll and cdo.dll interop files, then set a reference to CDOSYS.DLL in windows/system32 - this will cause new adodb and cdo interop DLLs to be generated. Visual Studio 2013 with .Net 3.5 is used currently, however the code should be buildable with .NET 2.0 and much older versions of Visual Studio.

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