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This sample is used to send email to an SMTP port using CDOSYS. It is written in C# with .NET 4.5. This sample was written to exercise the API and be used for educational purposes and for testing.

CDOSYS is a Windows system component which is used to send email to an SMTP server. It can send to an SMTP port or local pickup folder. System.Net.Mail is .NET based and uses a different code base. Both CDOSYS and System.Net.Mail have their advantages.

When compiling you should target a specific platform (x86 or x64) and be sure to target the correct bitness of CDOSYS. CDOSYS is a COM based component under the name "Microsoft CDO for Windows 2000 Library". When you set a reference an interop for it under the name CDO will be created and also an interop called ADODB - you will need both references in order to use CDOSYS. If you target another platform then be sure to remove the references, delete both interop files and set a new reference to CDOSYS.

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