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What's CCS?

Client Cloud Services (CCS) is a set of Windows Azure-based services which help application developers integrate licensing, trial management, feedback, error reporting and product usage into their applications.

Installation Requirements

CCS Solution Setup

  • The CCS Visual Studio solution is configured to run via local development Web services all of which run under localhost ( However, service references will most likely have to be updated to match the development URL and port in use by the Windows Azure Development Fabric.
    • The following must be updated with the correct port numbers before you can debug the CCS solution
      • CCSTest project
        • CCS Web reference
    • The following must be updated with the correct port numbers before you can debug the CCSClient solution
      • Client project
        • app.config
          • Client_CCSWebService property
          • Client_CCSWebService property
          • PaymentNotifyURL property
        • CCS Web reference
      • DeveloperRegistration client
        • CCS Web reference
      • CCSManager client
        • CCS Web reference

Debugging the CCS Solution

  • Open the CCS.sln file in an elevated instance of VS 2008
    • Build the entire solution
    • If some projects fail to load, see "Installation Requirements" above
  • Start an elevated instance of the Windows Azure SDK Command Prompt
    • Switch to the solution directory and run build.cmd
    • You may need to edit build.cmd to match your source configuration
    • If you get any errors, see "Installation Requirements" above
  • Double-click the Windows Azure Development Storage icon in the Windows system tray (if it's not running start it from the Program Files menu)
    • In the Development Storage UI click Tools | Table service properties... and make sure that "CCSAll" is selected in the "Name of database" menu
  • Switch back to the CCS solution in VS 2008 and set "CCSService_WebRole" as the start-up project
  • Hit F5 to start debugging

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