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The Customer Care Portal demonstrates cooperation of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 ( with several technologies, such as:

  •        Silverlight,
  •        Windows Server AppFabric,
  •        Business Data Connectivity (BDC),
  •        Microsoft InfoPath 2010.

This example presents basic functionality of customer service website (distributed between two webs):

-          Marketing Portal, that offers:

  • o    New customer registration form

Registered users get access to the Customer Portal. Generated password is displayed after successfully completed registration. In addition, it can be sent by e-mail to the address specified by the user.

  • o    Preview of available products

Product data is taken from MS SQL and provided by BDC connection. Logged in supplier (member of the Suppliers group) can create the individual products web sites.

-          Customer Portal, that offers:

  • o    Customer editing form

Ability to edit customer profile data. Profile data is stored on a SharePoint list.

  • o    Contact Form

Each logged on customer can contact with suppliers via the form by the "Contact Us" page (InfoPath form) – messages are forwarded to the SharePoint list.

  • o    Products Subscriptions

Logged in customers can browse through available products and subscribe them. Subscription form is based on Silverlight technology. After properly completing the subscription process, system creates a new subscription entry in a SharePoint subscriptions list and starts an external activation process (based on AppFabric). Windows Server AppFabric simulates external events that handles activation process.

  • o    Billing Generation

Each customer has the ability to view every product subscription and generated billings. Billings are generated daily by a process supported by Windows Server AppFabric. Active subscriptions are automatically renewed (AppFabric) after accounting period (month).

  • o    Subscription Management

Customer can unsubscribe from each of the active products subscription.

Authentication is handled by using Sharepoint 2010 Claims Based Authentication.
The connection between the external data source (MS SQL – tables of products and billing) and SharePoint has been delivered by using the BDC Model designed in SharePoint Designer 2010 (BDC dedicated to the product list) or developed in Visual Studio 2010 (BDC dedicated to the billings list).

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