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Content Compiler 3

UPDATE: This project is outdated. A new version has been integrated into the ANX Framework, a replacement for XNA

Make your XNA content creation process easier!

The EES Content Compiler 3 enables you to build your content for use with XNA without Visual Studio in a nearly comfortable Environment. Annoyed when building your project because of the Content Pipeline compiling all your media stuff for ages? Well, here is your solution: Do not build your Content every time, do it only if you need to. Even outside Visual Studio! Suitable for Designers who want to swap a graphic in no time without rebuilding the whole project and also for programmers who want to build a world editor. This project also features a build framework for compiling media right from your program!


Why does a project with a version number of 3 appear on Codeplex?

Well, after almost 3 years of more active development we reached version number 3 this year. This version was rewritten from scratch to provide a more flexible solution than the previous versions. But now comes the time where we do not need the program that much anymore and we have not the time and effort providing continous support for it. So we decided to hand it over to the Open Source Community!


Is this project actively developed by you?

No. As written before, we do not support this program anymore.

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