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The sidekick of CruiseControl.Net
This sidekick of CCNet will help you to complete the configuration, I provide the SharePoint solution template when the tool release.

CI is a good practice in the software development process, there are lots of continuous integration software (Eg: TFS, CruiseControl.Net, TeamCity, Jenkins CI and so on) to help you build the continuous integration server and then your development process will be comfortable and smooth.
If you choose the CCNet, you will find that there is only one CCValidator tool to validate whether the configuration is according with the CCNet format but no tool to generate the configuration expediently.

This sidekick tool of CCNet will help you to complete the configuration without refer to the CCNet configuration document (

The sidekick tool is more useful that you can save the configuration as a template which will help you to complete the similar configuration, I will provide the SharePoint solution template when the tool release.

This solution include 6 project as following:
1. Landpy.CruiseControlNet.ConfigurationSidekick is the Presentation Layer.
2. Landpy.CruiseControlNet.DomainLayer is the Domain Layer.
3. Landpy.CruiseControlNet.FacadeInterface is the Facade Interface which is driven by Presentation Layer.
4. Landpy.CruiseControlNet.ConfigurationSidekick.TestSuite is the Unit Test.
5. Landpy.CruiseControlNet.Infrastructure is the infrastructure about AOP interceptor, IOC and TestFramework (TestFrameWork.xsd to validate and intelliSense for TestFramework.tfconfig.xml file).
6. Landpy.LogAnalyzer is the log analyze tool for sidekick (The sidekick tool will not throw any exception, the AOP interceptor log the exception.), it figure out that which class, which method and which line the exception occurs, the report will help you to resolve the issue immediately.

The snap of this sidekick tool:

For more information please refer to the

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BTW: if there is some issue occur, you should check the system exception log with Landpy.LogAnalyzer which will help you to validate which method is throw the exception and show you the more detail. The snap of the log analyzer is as following (You can use the analyzer to check log-file.log file which is in the application root folder):

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