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Project Description

CCnet Jabber plugin is CruiseControl.Net publisher task for sending build notifications to project developers and other stake holders through company's jabber communication system. I found it to be very usefull and productive when compared to sending notifications through email or cctray.

Configuration Details

Follow the steps in sequence for configuring the CCnetJabberPlugin to your ccnet server.
  • Download the binaries from the download tab.
  • Copy them to your installed ccnet server location (Generally it is C:\Program Files (x86)\CruiseControl.NET\server for x64 windows machine and C:\Program Files \CruiseControl.NET\server for x86 machines.
  • Edit your your ccnet.config file and add the following xml node to your desired project's publisher section.
    <username>[email protected]</username>
    <password>[email protected]</password>
        <recipient jid='jid1' />
        <recipient jid='jid2' />
        <recipient jid='jid3' />

Thats it !! . Now build your project through your ccnet dashboard and the notifications will start coming in.

XMPP Support

This project depends on the xmpp library by AG Softwares. More information about their XMPP libray and its Licensing can be found here.

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