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Crm Customization Manager (CCM) by N.JL helps Dynamics CRM System Adiminstrators to easly Import Customisations and Treanslations with scheduling possibility

Crm Customization Manager (CCM) is a tool that can give two possibilities to any CRM System Administrator or any other user that have all needed security roles :
  • To import instantanly all custumizations and/or all translations (if there is 1 or more langage pack installed on CRM Server).
  • To Schedule (with Windows Task Scheduler) an import of all custumizations and/or all translations.

This tool uses French langage because it's created, first of all, for french use because I live in Paris.

20-06-2012 17-07-57.jpg

In this version, we can connect on CRM 4.0 Server. But soonly, I will provide a new version that supports CRM 2011 On Premise and Online server's access.

Soon, I will make this tools supports other langages, English and may be others.


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