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Project Description

CCLI SongSelect Importer for PowerPoint ® is an Add-in for Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® that allows CCLI SongSelect (USR) files to be turned into slides quickly and easily. Churches using PowerPoint ® for projection and CCLI SongSelect for lyric download will find this a useful tool.


This project and its contributors are not affiliated with, nor do they represent in any capacity, Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI).

Overview of CCLI SongSelect Importer for PowerPoint

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI for Short) offers affordable and easy church music licensing and no church should be without a CCLI license arrangement. CCLI also offers an additional service called SongSelect that allow licensed churchs the ability to download, reproduce, distribute and display songs within the church.

One of the types of song files offered by CCLI through the SongSelect service is also called SongSelect. SongSelect files are plain text files with a format similar to INI files and have the extension USR.

The CCLI SongSelect Importer for PowerPoint is an Add-in that gives Microsoft PowerPoint an extra Ribbon Tab called "CCLI SongSelect". This tab has a button to insert songs from your library of CCLI SongSelect USR files. Each part (Verse, Chorus, Bridge, etc.) of the song is put on its own slide. The slide title provides the Song Title and Song Part Name. The slide contents provides the Words.


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