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A managed code library for reading and working with CCLI SongSelect files in C#, VB.NET or any other language that can use DLLs built with Managed Code. The CCLI SongSelect Library is not a stand-alone application and is meant to be used as a component in other applications.


This project and its contributors are not affiliated with, nor do they represent in any capacity, Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI).

Overview of CCLI SongSelect Library

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI for Short) offers affordable and easy church music licensing and no church should be without a CCLI license arrangement. CCLI also offers an additional service called SongSelect that allow licensed churchs the ability to download, reproduce, distribute and display songs within the church.

One of the types of song files offered by CCLI through the SongSelect service is also called SongSelect. SongSelect files are plain text files with a format similar to INI files and have the extension USR.

The CCLI SongSelect Library is a set of Managed .NET DLLs that allow the reading of SongSelect files as well as the ability to search a collection of SongSelect files. So whether you're writing you're own projection software or something else that needs to import lyrics downloaded through a SongSelect subscription, this is the library for you.


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