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Crud Class Generator has developed to generate class which is object model of a database table.
Via these generated classes, many CRUD processes can be done without writing SQL query.

CCG is easy to use, because; it is developer-friendly
CCG is practical, because; it allows to make many crud processes without writing sql query
CCG is fast, because; it’s object size very small and it allows to make more than one processes at a time.

For example; fallowing processes can be done in a transaction at a time.
-Insert some rows to Table1 and get returned Identity value.
-Insert some other rows to Table2 by using Identity value of Table1 and get returned Identity value of Table2,
-Update some rows on Table3 by using Identity value of Table2,
-Delete some rows on Table4,
-Select some rows from Table1

Do all these processes with just one command at a time

Some Other Features:
-ADO or SQL transections can be used.
-CRUD processes can be logged.
-Typed DataSet integration is possible.

To start to use this Data-Access_Layer;

Download the fallowing files:
1. For SQL Server 2005 or Higher:
.....a. CCG 3.2.5 S
.....b. CCGDataService 3.0.0 S
.....c. Helper 3.0.0
2. For SQL Server 2005 or Higher and For Oracle:
.....a. CCG 3.2.5 SO
.....b. CCGDataService 3.0.0 SO
.....c. Helper 3.0.0

Setup; "CCG 3.2.5 S" or "CCG 3.2.5 SO",
Set database connection string, solution path and project names,
Save these settings,
select schema and table to be generated,
Include generated classes to the projects and
start to write code.

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