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This is a C# Managed code driver for the TI cc3100 based Wifi Adapter
CC3100 Managed Driver for .NET MicroFramework 4.3

Based on the Managed driver for the cc3000, the goals will be similar. My top priorities are:
  • Configuring and enabling the chip to scan and connect to wifi (DONE)
  • Support for the cc3100's dynamic variable feature (DONE)
  • UDP Sockets (DONE)
  • SSL TCP sockets (Not Tested)

The driver is being developed with a TICC3100Boost module and a GHI Electronics CerbuinoBee. I am connecting Gadgeteer Socket 2 (which supports high speed UART) to the CC3100Boost using a gadgeteer adapter and some 6-inch jumper wires. Also, the cc3100Boost needs the USB Power connected to supply enough current. Running without the USB Power seems to give you a status code at startup that indicates it is not happy.

See Driver demonstration here:


If you want to update the firmware on the cc3100Boost or change the files on the flash chip, you will need a CC31XXEMUBoost to allow you to connect the cc3100Boost to a PC. The CC31XXEMUBoost exposes the I/Os, serial, spi, and log connections as 4 virtual serial ports on the PC when you connect the USB port. TI provides a tool called UniFlash that allows you to flash firmware and change the files the web server serves.

Note: I am only supporting UART communication. It is possible to implement SPI support. Also, although most of this code could also work directly on the desktop .NET Framework, I don't plan on implementing that. There are some Microsoft.SPOT dependencies that would have to be changed.

Here is a demo of the local name resolution on different device platforms:

Also, this project now includes a handy tool to help load a web site into the cc3100 Flash:

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