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This is ALPHA Quality Software!  Which means it usually works and lots of stuff is missing...

Project Description
This is a C# managed driver for the CC3000 Wifi adapter.

CC3000 Managed Driver for .NET MicroFramework is a 100% managed Wrapper for the SPI commands necessary to control the Texas Instruments CC3000 Wifi adapter

The purpose of this driver is to empower the C# developer to debug and add advanced networking features without having to change the firmware or learn C++ (similar to that of mIP).  Since this is targeted to embedded devices, this library strives to use a minimal memory footprint.  Also, the classes and methods MUST be simple and obvious to use and the critical public methods will be commented properly to allow for proper intellisense. 

Note: This is a work in progress.  There is currently tons of dead code and tons of broken stuff.  Exception handling is non-existent right now.  So, this is not ready for any commercial use yet. 

Having said that, there are two examples.  One uses UDP to get the date/time from the Internet.  The other uses TCP to serve a simple web page.  To switch which example runs, just open the WifiExampleApp Project Properties, then click on the Startup Object to choose a different example. 

Note: You MUST configure you wireless access point SSID name, password, and security for the examples to work.  Also, you must select an InterfaceProfile in each example from the enumerator to configure you hardware. 

This Project targets .NET Microframework 4.3.  If you are using 4.2, that's no problem, just retarget to 4.2 in each of the Project Properties pages. 

Sorry, that's all there is right now.  My top priorities are to make UDP and Web serving as simple as possible.  Also, streaming support is high on the list to support decent sized web pages.  And making everything very robust.  Right now it is a proof of concept that shows UDP and a Web server are possible. 

One more Note: You need to be running TI's current firmware for anything to work because of serious bugs in the early firmware versions preceding 1.11. 

 Once you get everything setup, here is what the web server sample will show: 

Internet Time Example:


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