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Azure Owin F-Sharp:

This is generic cloud based online collaboration/gaming platform.
But because generic sounds bad, let's specify more:

This is a architecture of users (players) and rooms (games).
Users can join rooms. They can chat with other users in the rooms.
Users can co-operate with other room users, e.g. play games.

Claims based authentication:
Facebook / Google+ (/...) external logins are supported

See the high level picture:


The whole system runs in cloud as Windows Azure Worker role.
Worker role hosts OWIN (Katana) based web server.
Web server hosts (Hateoas) REST-based WebApi for data communication.
And SignalR (Hub) for web-based Publish/Subscribe -pattern to enable
real-time bi-directional communication between users,
usually based on WebSockets.
Web server tunnel static HTML-files from Windows Azure Blob Storage.

User data is stored to Windows Azure Table Storage
(which is a NoSQL document database).

Runtime data uses Actor/Agent -based communication:
Each user has an agent. Each room has an agent.
There is (generic strongly typed) control agent class which can
create other agents. (e.g. one instance for room-agents, one for user-agents)

Programming language is F-Sharp (F#). It is a multi-paradigm
(functional-first) programming language mainly for .NET environment.
F# related technologies: Fog is used for Azure communication.
FSharp.Net.Http and FSharp.Web.Http is used for HTTP communication.

This is developed with
Visual Studio 2012 (Update 4) / Visual Studio 2013
and Azure SDK 2.2. References are resolved via NuGet.

To run:
Build and run from Visual Studio
See the host console from (task tray icon) Azure Compute Emulator.
There is a line something like: "Starting OWIN at"
(If compute emulator logging works...)
Copy the address and open it with web browser.
(...or you can deploy this to Windows Azure)

Start instructions

Sample HTML-pages are just HTML5 with jQuery and Knockout.js
They are deployed from the -file.


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