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A .NET library which provides commonly used types of domain business entities (like Article, Blog, Comment, Download, Faq, etc.) to speed up development of domain layer in many typical business applications.

This library includes the following:

1. Domain entity types, declared as partial classes (can be extended if necessary).
2. Set of common domain-related interfaces, like INameable and ITaggable.
3. Set of extension methods for IEnumerable/IQueryable sets of domain entities.

The following types of domain entities are provided:

1. Announcement/Announcements Category
2. Art/Arts Album
3. Article/Articles Category
4. Audio/Audios Category
5. Blog/Blog Entry
6. City/Country/Location
7. Comment
8. Download/Downloads Category
9. FAQ
10. Person
11. Playcast/Playcasts Category
12. Profile
13. Setting
14. Song/Songs Album
15. Subscription
16. Text/Texts Category
17. Video/Videos Category
18. Web Link/Web Links Category

See official GitHub project page for more details and latest version of source code.

NuGet package is also available at :


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