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Project Description
The catfax project is a demonstration of moving SQL data to and from the cloud using SQL CLR, Azure WCF and Azure Storage

This code is for illustartive purposes only. Use at your own risk

Catfax is a demonstration project which shows how rows can be uploaded and retrieved from the cloud in a manner that is well integrated with SQL Server using SQL-CLR. The application has a SQL-CLR stored procedure that calls a WCF service hosted on Azure. The Azure web role stores the data in Azure Tables which can be retrieved later from SQL by executing a similar SQL-CLR sproc.

A more detailed description can be found a blog post

Although the project is currently live at it may not be for long as I only have tokens for one service and intend to do some other stuff, but all the code is in this project to create your own and it will also run in the Azure Development Fabric.

Some setup instructions.
1. Download and extract the source
2. Open the properties page on the CatFax.Sql.Client project. On the build tab, set the output path to an path that can be referenced easily from the SQL scripts (I used c:\CatFax\SqlClr)
3. Build and run the solution
4. Create a SQL database called Catfax and make a note of the host name and port
5. Open '01 Create Tables and Data.sql' (found in CatFax.Sql.Client\SQL Scripts .
6. (at the end of the script), edit the insert statement to have the correct URL based on step 4
7. Run the script
8. Open '02 Create Assemblies and Sprocs.sql' and edit the path of the 'CatFax.Sql.Client.XmlSerializers.dll' assembly based on step 2 above
9. Run the script
10. Run the app and use '03 Test.sql' to see if it works

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