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Here we come , The Version 3.0 is out now !! Download it and enjoy :)


This is a small logging library We created at to help log exceptions, and store exception data and handling exception. It write it to a text file and you can easily open that txt in the browser. It write the exception, the stack trace and the date and time of it's occured


Wow Here is the new release, V3.0 with the following features:


1-No need to keep sending the parameters for connection string or else. Just  pass the Exception.

2-Adding debug, Info log via SMTP, Access, Text.

3-Adding exception data with the exception you log. (For more info on exception data see


Another project proudly supported by


As we promised you the CatchThatException API is out and you can log the exceptions using the API. Not that only it's Support Android and PHP and of course .NET. Free of charge :)


please Referrer to our website so you can obtain the API key.  and to see some code samples and How to. Have a happy programming all :)


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