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Sadly this project is not active due to lack of avabile developers me my self (motters) as a php developer i was very limitive on how to carry the project out my self sorry. If more developers come along and want to help out then the project will and can come back alive again.
If you want to start the project back up then please email one of the current developers Thanks

Project Description
This is an updated version of the Club Starter Kit 2.0 Final. Like the original this is being developed in VB.NET. Microsoft created an excellent starter kit, the Club Starter Kit for individual clubs to host a variety of content.

This project will have the same idea but hopefully improved upon. We will be trying to make this source code able for lots of different clubs to use. If you have an ideas that that you would like us to put in the project then please inform us but you will have to put at least one reason why you would like this in the source code. Sorry but we are unable to put all your ideas into the project but we will try our hardest to put as much into the project as possiable.

Don't worry if you are new to visual web developer on our first realise there will be a new and improved get started document so you will not miss out at all.
If you have any problems please inform us and we will be willing to help you as much as we can.

If there are any other developers who could help us please help us we need as much help as we can to get this done. Thanks

We need a volunteer to collate feedback and feature requests.

[email protected] (not checked any more!)

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