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Project Description

Bills and Cash Flow is a simple multi-tenant application that tracks bills and view cash flow. This is ASP.NET MVC web application for Windows Azure. It uses Azure Table for data storage.


  • Define bills with various recurrences: daily, weekly, …
  • View monthly cash flow as a list and as a calendar.
  • Use OpenID for the authentication.
  • Allow other user access information.

These is a very basic set of the features. Detailed list will be covered in the Feature section of the work items.



There are few reason that motivated me to start this project.

  • I need a tool that will allow me to track my bills and see cash flow.
  • Create application that utilize Azure platform with Azure tables, MVC 3.0 with Razor view engine.
  • Have a real-world application with all attributes that are present in a any real-world application: work items, planning, deployment process, caching, logging (and ability to work effectively with logged data), automated testing.

Live Version

As soon as the first version is ready it will be published on Azure.


Project trunk is located in the Main folder. It's supposed to be a stable version of the application. The development is done in the main development branch: Development\Main. As soon as feature completed and tested it can be merged into the Main trunk.

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