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Project Description
Contains a set of diagnostics, code fixes and refactorings built on the Microsoft .NET Compiler Platform "Roslyn".


  • Common Download
    • Check parameter name in ArgumentException
    • Convert if statement to conditional expression (assignments)
    • Compact property to auto-property
    • Use String.Empty instead of ""
    • Expand property declaration
    • Expand event declaration
    • Implement property change notificaiton on auto-property
    • Make variable constant
    • Remove unnecessary braces
    • Remove statement, which has no effect
    • Type name does not match naming guidelines
  • Enumerables Download
    • Use Any() instead of Count() to avoid possible enumeration of the whole sequence
    • Conversion between element access, indexer, ElementAt(), First() and Last()
  • Maths
    • Inline primitive functions (Abs, Min, Max)
    • Remove statement, which has no effect
    • Recognization of exact trigonometric constants
    • Remove unnecessary binary operand
    • Simpliy product of powers and nested powers, conversion between Sqrt() and Pow()

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