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This is designed to be a logic engine for developing a wide variety of games. To include card logic, dice logic, territories, players, and even mana and currency. It's goal is to be extensible, so it can be used to make all types of games.

3/25/2013 - Removed the previous release. Trying to get a better build together soon, maybe by the end of the week.
3/14/2013 - Code base is going to be overhauled. The code that is there is outdated, poorly written, and confusing as hell. The code will be changing layout and structure as well as being completely rewritten in most areas.
7/28/2010 - Code base update, looking for some more help!
3/15/2010 - Creating the repository for the CaramelEngine today. I'm an amateur game developer and looking to expand my skill set with the open source community!

  • To recreate the items previously available, but ... useful.
  • Structure namespaces to be intuitive.
  • Make the features efficient.

Previously available:
  • A full dice system, rolling etc.
  • Players with different stats
  • Game Board for mapping items together (typically Player -> Territory relations)
  • Territories for the 'Board' that players would see (or not!)
  • Card and Deck system

Feel free to check out the code and make recommendations for improvement or features. To suggest new ideas or if you find some bugs, please head over to the Issue Tracker and let me know.

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