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I have been travelling across the globe since last four years; every time I move from one location to another I was able to carry all my data except my internet favorite links which are more important to me than the huge backup.
I have been playing with SharePoint quite a while so I thought I can develop something in SharePoint to fulfill my purpose and this purpose seems to become easy by using the SharePoint Links List.
As I was developing “Capture Links” I found, other than storing my links at central location this tool turned out to be fulfilling many other purposes also like:

• My Internet Favorite Links are no more tied up with one machine.
• I can share my links with my friends, colleges and team mates. So I need not to send them URLs on e-mail and messenger window.
• All my links are searchable from SharePoint search engine. So I can easily get hold of them.
• My Internet Favorite is very good for me but that contains only those topics which I like most. Using “CaptureLinks” we can create a collaborative List where all members can add their useful links too and without any extra effort we can create a knowledge base.
• We can use SharePoint alerts to keep track of our knowledgebase list.

How it Works:

1.) From Internet Explorer select a line of text which is relevant to the page description, now right-click and select "Capture Link" from the Internet Explorer context menu. (Your 90% work is done at this point). This will launch the CaptureLinks Application filled with all selected data.
2.) Now enter the URL of your site and Click Connect button. This will populate all the links list present in that particular site, select any Links List and click Save.
3.) Here you go; your link has been added successfully. Check in your SharePoint Links List you will find a new entry as you have added right now.


For adding the SharePoint sites use this Settings button, here you can add all your SharePoint Site Urls and these Urls will appear at the Site Drop-Down. So evantually you get a feature to categorize your Internet Favorite links as now you can decide where you want to save your links at run time.


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