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CaptureIt Plus is an easy to use screen capture utility for Windows Platform. Helps to capture screen in various modes. Developed in C#. Licensed under GNU GPL v2.

Capture modes

  • Active Window
  • Circle
  • Fixed Region
  • Free Form
  • Scheduled
  • Window
  • Fullscreen
  • Rectangle
  • Repeat Last Capture


  • Supports Multiple monitors
  • Supports all major screen capture modes. Fullscreen, Window, Rectangle, Circle, FreeForm, ActiveWindow, Fixed Region and Scheduled capture.
  • Supports Repeat Last Capture.
  • Supports various output formats, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WMF, and TIFF. Default format in PNG, but users can customize it using settings.
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts(customization also) for capture modes
  • Supports JPG quality settings.
  • Shows grid lines while drawing.
  • Sound notification after capture.
  • Supports capture screen with cursor.
  • Easy to install, no admin rights required.
  • Support for executing plugins after screen capture
  • FileName template.
  • Licensed under GNU GPL v2.0. Full source code available(C# 2.0)


  • Color Picker - A simple add on, helps to select colors from various applications, helps to copy the HTML color code and/or value
  • GIF Builder - Another add on. helps to create animated GIF files from multiple images.
  • Screenshot Editor - Another tool, for those who love Windows Snipping Tool

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