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Hello, We apologize for the inactivity of
the Captain's Log Project. Due to Anonymous
technical and loss of time difficulties, we have not
been able to progress the Project. We are planning
to have a stable release in the next couple of months.
Thank you all for downloading the ALPHA STAGE exe.

Captain's Log (=NOT Complete=)

Have you ever wanted to keep a journal? You probably tried
to use a notepad you found in the garage. It didn't work....
So you tried using MS Word, and you just couldn't get the
feel of using that as a journal. You went searching Google
and Yahoo for a journal app. If you were like me, you probably
didn't find one.
Well, now you can write a journal with ease! Captain's Log does all
the hassle for you. That means you don't even have to save!
Keeping a journal has never been so easy! Download Captain's Log

If you have any problems or complaints, please post
them to our Discussions & Issue Tracker pages.

This application is currently being developed in VB
(Visual BASIC)

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