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Ventilation project - Canned heater

The objective of the project is to make a fan management for a heater based on sunlight, see example here:
... to be able to see the log data over what the temperature has been over time and possibly how many m2 air that has been blown in.

Micro controller (.NET Micro Framework) part

The project will be developed using the netduino platform:
We intend to focus on getting the communication from netduino to windowsphone app up and running, and add more features afterwards.


  • Every 5 min. (threaded)
    • Store log data on the MicroSD card
    • Send log data to pachube for external monitoring
    • Controlling engine, depending on the temperature
  • Internal Web server (interrupt-based (threaded))
    • Data presentation
    • Controlling engine remotely - "manual override" - Only if you are on a LAN network
  • Set time using Internet Services - download time when the netduino starts
  • Web service that receives microprocessor input

Windows Phone 7 part


  • Retrieve and view data from pachube as graphs and more
  • When you are on your local network, you can remotely control the netduino through the app

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