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Project Description
Candle is an experimental project based on the DSL Tools consisting to model a multi-layers application and to generate application code.

This sample is used to promote dsl tools.
It implements some good practices of the layered architecture and show you how create a specific model to generate application code.


  • Multi views
  • Dependencies management using a public repository (not provided in this release)
  • Code generation uses strategies (You can create your own strategy) - Available strategies are nhibernate, wcf, static factory
  • Dependency properties (specific to a strategy)
  • Entities can be created directly from a database

Watch the 2 webcasts showing you how to use it to create a wcf server and a the associated client.


Component model

Entities model

Dependencies graph on the repository

About us

The dslfactory community ( is a (French) community about DSLs, GAT, and more generally the Visual Studio extensibility. We have already provided introductory sessions to the DSL Tools, for example at the Microsoft France TechDays 2007, and a big DSL Tools Lab.

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