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Project Description
This is an RTS game built with Microsoft's XNA Framework built by four college students in a senior project course.


Our timeline:

* January 30, 2010 - March 12, 2010
o Complete Extended Library (game base, no advanced features)
o Work on basic game dynamics and expand features as progress is achieved
o Each feature will be worked on as agreed on by the group
o A working game should (read: must) be available at this point
o Submit Stage 1 Release

* March 13, 2010 - April 2, 2010
o Knock out each feature according to the group's priority
o As deadline approaches, cut features if not viable
o Submit Stage 2 Release

* April 3, 2010 - April 16, 2010
o Verify quality of implemented features
o Work on graphics to make stylized, final graphics
o Potentially complete very simple last-minute features
o Submit Stage 3 Release

* April 17, 2010 - April 23, 2010
o Keep up with testing (alpha testing, possible beta testing)
o Hunt down final bugs
o Finish 'polishing' game
o Submit Product Release

* April 24, 2010 - April 29, 2010
o Work on final report
o Set up machine for demo to ensure it works
o Submit Final Report and present Demo

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