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CAML Query Builder

This project will help you use CAML query. Easy to use and connect to sharepoint.

Use sample:

QueryProcceser procceser1 = new QueryProcceser("http://localhost/sites/Test/_vti_bin/lists.asmx");

procceser1.LoadList("Team Discussion");

IList<string> list = procceser2.GetAllField();

if (File.Exists("result.txt")) File.Delete("result.txt");

TextWriter writer = new StreamWriter("result.txt");

procceser2.ExcuteItem(list.ToArray(), 100,
                                  (r) =>
                                          foreach (var result in r.Lists)
                                              foreach (var field in list)
                                                  Console.WriteLine(field + ": " + result[field]);
                                                  writer.WriteLine(field + ": " + result[field]);
var q = new Process();
q.StartInfo = new ProcessStartInfo("result.txt");

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