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Camcop is a simple camera tool aimed to provide some basic functionalities to control local and stream cameras, it's designed over a small API named CameraWCL that provide most of these functionalities like taking shots , recording videos , watching for motion and so on...


Camcop is using CamerasWCL DLL, it's a library i made over AForge.Net API to design my application's controls and classes, take a look at this dll , it's included in Camcop with its dependencies, the main class is named 'Camera' wich can handle Local , Jpeg and Mjpeg Cameras, the class provides many events for images shots , videos records and motion watching and more, the classe is organized as sub classes , each one is responsible of some kind of work :

- infos : for informations and settings.

- Directory : for stored images, videos, Users notes and camera reports, in a timed manner.

- Device : for controling the camera (starting , restarting stopping , requesting new frame size ...)

- Imaging : for images shots , scheduled images shots etc...

- Recording : for videos records, scheduled videos records etc...

- Reporting : for user notes , and camera events.

- Watching : for motion watching and detection, with alarm sounds , records and shots.

I Hope my work helps someone somewhere.

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