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ASP.NET Calipso is an open source project that seamlessly brings rich, client-side programming with regular Web Forms and HTTP features to well-known ASP.NET platform.

NOTE: In order to use it in your projects, you need to have installed the NuGet Library Package Manager extension on Visual Studio 2010 or 2012 and look for the package called "calipso" (

ASP.NET Calipso's stack
Calipso stands for Client Application Library plus Server Objects.


Because it is a modern approach for Web application development:
  • Works on top of new and existing Web Forms applications, allowing the creation of mixed server and client-side server controls using Web standards.
  • State-of-the-art, exclusive way of working with CSS and JavaScript dependencies!
  • Light-weight client-side JavaScript dependencies.
  • Build and run-time CSS and JavaScript combination and minification.
  • Unobstructive component-oriented UI programming in the client-side using pure JavaScript and jQuery.
  • True object-oriented approach both on client and server side!
  • Decent and rich event-oriented initialization that makes things easier to get done right.
  • Pure CSS theming support.


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