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Calico is a web application framework based on MVC/Razor. Calico is more than just libraries, it aims to substantially jump start web app development.

NOTICE: Calico is currently a stub and will be alpha for the better part of November 2014. Please check back often for the official beta release. Thanks -g

Project Status: STUB

Calico represents the culmination of many years of experience developing web applications. The following is a list of core features - starred (*) features are incomplete:

- *Out-of-the-box authentication page
- *Out-of-the-box components such as: menus, tabs, grids, lists, pick lists, buttons, etc.
- *Out-of-the-box full-screen responsive application layout to fit most needs; customizable using HTML and JS.
- *Basic membership and session handling; includes role management.
- *Nested view support within JavaScript; no iframes.
- *Framework management interface for settings and configuration

Core concepts of Calico and it's main distinctions vs. other application frameworks:

- A complete framework that only leaves out your specific application's domain, data stores, logic, etc.
- Strives to be a complete framework for most web applications. While Calico could be used for a website, it is not a CMS and is not concerned with SEO.
- Prevent CSS or JavaScript dependencies from creeping into framework; your application's CSS and JavaScript should always be the priority.
- Data access is straight to the DB - no ORM or Entity Framework is utilized. You will want to learn SQL so that you get the maximum value out of Calico.
- Addresses the basics of business applications in terms of look, feel, navigation, and organization.
- Database driven design eliminates duplication of code across common concerns, such as lists, grids, menus, and navigation.
- Using Calico should be simple and will eventually support Visual Studio project templates.
- In-place upgrades to the Calico framework are desired, but may not be achievable due to the diversity of how it can be deployed and used.

Dependencies include:

- JavaScript
- jQuery 2.1.1 (calico will avoid becoming version dependent on jQuery)

- .NET 4.5
- Microsoft ASP.NET Web API 2.2
- Clearbasis Common class libraries
- MS SQL Server 2012 and up (Postgres will eventually be supported)

Please note, Calico is a work-in-progress and is being developed part-time by Greg Steirer of Clearbasis Corporation. All features listed should be complete by early 2015. If you have any suggestions or feature requests, please submit them as an issue. If you have questions about how Calico can address a specific application requirement or concern, please feel free to start a discussion. Thanks! -g

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