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The CalendarWidget enables to display calendar Events using FullCalendarJs

How does it work

The calendar widget provides calendar functionality to orchard. It originaly based on a once exceptional tutorial on YouTube by Ron Peterson. Unfortunately this videos got deleted.

The calendar widget will display any content type, that has at least the Titleand the Calendar Event Definition part associated to it. You only need to create a query for the items you like to display. Earlier Versions of Calendar Widget used the Time Span part witch is now obsolete. If you use it already, it will still work with newer Versions. But it will not Support any newer functionality.

This project is in a very early state of development so any feedback is highly appreciated.

The use of queries makes the calendar widget very versatile. Any Kind of event can be displayed. Just add the Calendar Event Definition part and the Title part to the Content you would like to display. Then create a query that selects your Content items for display. This allows you to pick only certain events or mix event types just as you like. The only thing that the calendar widget needs to know is the name of the query you want it to use.

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