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Project Description
Calc# is a powerfull command line driven "calculator" aplication written in c#. Currently it is under heavy development, so it's much like useless for every day usage.

Current version 1.5 (Under heavy development)

I've been working on this project for about a year now. I wanted to create a command line driven calculator, because at that time I realy needed a powerfull calculator, but unfortunately I haven't found one. So I wrote my own :)
  • It has the following features:*
  • Able to store infinite number of variables
  • Supports matrix operations
  • Supports Complex numbers and complex calculations
  • Supports sets and statistical operations on sets
  • Has got a Plugin system, so it's knowledge can be expanded with additional modules
  • Supports special image manipulation related matrix operations
  • Supports standard .NET Image formats for loading matrices from
  • It has more than 100 commands
  • Simple programmability with conditional expressions and cycles
  • Supports user functions
  • Numerical integration
  • and many more.... :)
  • can plot functions & data

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