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A Custom datatype for use in Umbraco CMS. This usercontrol generates a list of keywords/tags from a text area. Thus making the task of categorising your new articles, blog posts or pages much quicker. Runs on Umbraco v4 and requires .Net v3.5 to be installed.

Runs on Umbraco v4.5+ and requires .Net v4 to be installed.

Current functionality:
  • Generate list of possible tags/keywords
  • Ability to add your own tags
  • Add/Remove tags previously added
  • Pick which tag provider service you wish to use (via a config entry)
  • Implement your own tag service and have it seemless integrate into umbraco

v2.1 ChangeLog:
  • Added Providers project which contains ITagProvider
  • Moved OpenCalaisService to Providers Project
  • Added TagTheNetService to Providers Project
  • Added provider dropdown selector in AutoTagsPostInstall.ascx
  • Renamed spinnerImage to SpinnerImage in AutoTags.ascx
  • Removed call to jquery.contextMenu.css from AutoTags.ascx.cs which caused 404 error
  • Deleted OpenCalais Project - if upgrading, delete GrailTechnology.AutoTags.OpenCalais.dll from website folders

To use your own tag provider, simply implement the GrailTechnology.AutoTags.Providers.ITagProvider interface, and set the Provider config value in ~/config/OpenCalaisAutotag/autotags.config to the format "Qualified.Type, AssemblyName", e.g:

namespace MySite.Data.Extensions
public MyTagProvider : ITagProvider
// implementation

If compiled into "Mysite.Data.dll", your config entry would look like:
<Provider>MySite.Data.Extensions.MyTagProvider, Mysite.Data</Provider>

To use the TagTheNet Tag Service, set the config value to:
<Provider>GrailTechnology.AutoTags.Provider.TagTheNetService, GrailTechnology.AutoTags.Providers</Provider>

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