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<Project Description> This project is able to convert images to code with no effort and super small amount of code for Cosmos Operating System Developers
<Project Developers> Civilwarrock
<Project Info> Was built in one night to help convert images
<Project Version> 1.5

<Current Changes>
- Imporved Speed 85%
I was trying the program with a 1500X700 Image and it was so slow. It would take me a hour or two to convert that image to code. And even with a 300X500 image it was really slow. So I decided to imporve it aton. Now it converts the image way faster!!!!!!!!! It took me 4 seconds on a slow machine to convert a 300X500 image to code. The other cosmos convertor takes you a average of 10 mins or more. This one only takes up to 10 seconds on a slow machine but on a fast one it is not even 5! So Enjoy! Best Part is it generates really small amounts of code.

<How does it work?>
Well here is how it works. It takes the image and scans through each pixel. Now it has a list of all the used colors. So if a color is not in that list it will add it. This prevents too much code because you only really need the needed colors in a image not every single pixels color. So it improves speed a ton. But not only that it writes out the image as array insted of the set pixel method like this

so on.....

It would now be:
Public Static Uint[] Image = {0,0,0,0,

And it also creates a draw event for the image with all the required colors built into it!


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