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Chess Control and Parsers
Handles pgn files, FEN position strings and my own compact huffman position data.
Added something I call DFEN which stands for Diagram FEN for persisting arrows etc displayed on the board. Support for Winboard / UCI engines; moved from sourceforge

I've decided to renew my interest in the Chess board control I originally started a few years ago. A developer in Germany saw the original (very weak) article on the Code Project, contacted me and thus we produced We have since become very good friends.

The code distributed here is slightly newer than what is present in the last version of ChessPositionTrainer. The main area's I'd like to finish up are full suport of UCI engines which is partially implemented. Winboard engine support currently exists.

Two demo projects are included:
1) Cafechess.ChessImageEditor - allows you to design chess board diagrams that can be copied into memory or saved to disk based.
2) Cafechess Demo Application - not too pretty, but demonstartes most of the features of the control.

There are a lot of features in the control including: Edit postion control, Drawing arrows, circles, and X's, standard move validation, change board colors, and more....

Press the following Keys:
'Alt + F9' turns on major piece square highlights when a major piece is dropped on a square.
'Alt + F10' turns on attack square highlighting and locks it for the current side to move.
'Alt + F11' turns on attack square highlighting for the side not to move.
'Alt + F12' turns on square control highlighting for the side not to move (doesn't yet handle doubled rooks or bishops).
'Ctrl + a' click left mouse button on start sqare drag to destination square release button and an arrow is drawn on top layer.
'Ctrl + c' click left mouse button on a square and a circle is drawn on top layer.
'Ctrl + x' click left mouse button on a square and a X is drawn on top layer.
'Ctrl Alt ' any a,c,x produces that mark on the middle layer (between board and pieces)
'Ctrl C' key in Cafechess.ChessImageEditor will copy the current image into memory for use later by 'Ctrl V' key for pasting the image into programs like Word, Email or Paint.


Gregory A. Prentice

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