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Project Description
Caesar Shift Cipher is project that implement Caesar Shift Cipher with VB.NET and C# (.NET 2.0) for basic encryption/decryption example.

This project develop base on Deobrat Singh and Ghaith Nizar Sinjab algorithms by do not defind cherecter (a-z), must support unicode, not en/decrypt non-alphabet ,decrease line of code for student learning (simple but efficiency) and try to implement from mathematics formula En(X) = (X + n) mod 26 or Dn(X) = (X - n) mod 26.

I comment all important line because I use this code teach my student on Computer Security course. Please comment me when you have others idea.

Now version 1.0 release - support ASCII Only (VB.NET and C# projects)
version 2.0 - support Unicode

About Ceasar Shift Cipher algorithm, please see

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